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    Evaluation Support

    You’d like to find out if Faktor-IPS is right for you? Let us show you what Faktor-IPS can do! Arrange a personalized product presentation with us and learn more about how to use Faktor-IPS for your products. After a demo of the tool, we can organize a workshop to test Faktor-IPS with you by means of an actual example from your range of products. This evaluation support is free of charge.

    We would be glad to discuss your specific project. A team of insurance experts on all kinds and lines of business and highly qualified software architects will show you how to implement future IT projects in the best possible way.

    Get in touch with us by filling out the contact form or send us an e-mail:

    Enterprise Support

    Faktor Zehn provides high-quality all-around tech support to Faktor-IPS users. Within the work capacities agreed on for consultants and software engineers (e.g. 80h/year), our services include:

    bug Access to the Faktor Zehn issue tracking system
    clock A set reaction time for problem messages
    lupe Troubleshooting
    integrate Release delivery for error correction

    Capacities can be agreed on for additional services required.

    Tech support is provided for all versions of Faktor-IPS and does not expire for older versions. If a new version of Faktor-IPS (patch version) has been created to solve a customer’s problem, it will be available on:

    Contact us to get an individualized offer.

    Further Development

    Faktor Zehn is responsible for organizing and implementing the further development of Faktor-IPS. We closely cooperate with users and involve them in the development process. If a project needs new functions or add-ons to existing functions, there are several ways in which these can be created:

    • Enhancing the core application in the Faktor-IPS Standard
    • Implementing new functions in a supported add-on
    • Implementing customer-specific add-ons

    If a new function could be useful for other Faktor-IPS users, Faktor Zehn will generally implement it in the standard version, thereby expanding the functional range and improving the quality of Faktor-IPS.

    The second option is a so-called supported add-on. This is an optional plugin that is maintained and further developed by Faktor Zehn. This option is typically chosen for functions that would not be useful for every type of project. Our goal is to ensure the same high-quality standard as for the Faktor-IPS core application.

    If a new function is project specific, it is usually best implemented as part of a customer-specific add-on. In most cases, this can be easily done with the plugin mechanism of Eclipse. If necessary, further add-ons for Faktor-IPS will be created. Plugins can either be created within a project by software engineers or as part of a separate Faktor Zehn contract. By doing this, we ensure releasability and make it possible for customers to migrate to the newest available version of Faktor-IPS at any point.

    As with most open-source software, it is possible to make individual adjustments on a copy of the Faktor-IPS source code. However, by doing so, the software will no longer be releasable.



    In addition to developing, using, and providing tech support for Faktor-IPS, consulting on and implementing IT projects for insurances are two of Faktor Zehn’s most important core competencies. Our team consists of highly qualified software engineers and software architects, experts for various types of insurances, and actuaries. Our goal is not just to develop high-quality software, but also to have a thorough knowledge of the business side. We provide support during all stages of development, from planning through conception to implementation and migration.

    If you would like to learn more about our consulting services and Faktor Zehn, please visit our website or contact us.


    Questions, Comments, and Issues

    You’re experiencing technical issues with Faktor-IPS? Help us improve Faktor-IPS by filling out the following form: Report error.

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