Product Variants

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Information on the Add-on

The add-on for product variants allows you to model product variants, e.g. for different sales channels, without having to copy the entire product each time.

A product variant always refers to the complete aggregate (the product component tree, e.g. a product with all associated benefit agreements, clauses, premium definitions, etc.) and describes the deviations from the base product. Only technical restrictions are possible – the base or existing product defines the maximum possible, variants cannot extend this but only limit it. To this end, the model can specify which properties can be adapted in variants:

  • If the variation of product-configured contract attributes is allowed, their value range can be restricted and a different default value can be selected.
  • For product attributes, the direction in which a change represents a functional restriction is specified in the model. For example, an increase is the restriction for the minimum sum insured per m².
  • For relationships, new modules can be added if, for example, new rules restrict the product.

At runtime, product variants are treated like normal product modules, with their own runtime ID and all values from the override and base product.

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