Faktor-IPS Installation

This page contains all the information you need to install Faktor-IPS. The software can be downloaded via drag & drop of the “Eclipse Install button” in Eclipse or via the download button from the eclipse marketplace.

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Faktor-IPS is based on the widely used Eclipse development platform. If you do not have the latest version of Eclipse, download it on Eclipse.org and unpack the directory. Start Eclipse now and install Faktor-IPS.

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There are two ways to install Faktor-IPS. Either directly via the Eclipse Marketplace or by manual installation.

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    Installation via Eclipse (recommended)

    1. Start the Update Manager: Help → Install New Software…
    2. Enter the address of the update site: https://update.faktorzehn.org/faktorips/latest and press Enter to confirm.
    1. Select the Faktor-IPS features for installation.
    2. Make sure there is a check mark next to “Contact all update sites during install to find required software.”
    3. Follow the steps of the Install Wizard and click “Next.”
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    Manual Installation

    Select the download site for the desired version from the Archive. All plugin repositories, that is files containing “p2 repository” in the file name, are available on the download site. This plugin repository can be unpacked in the directory of your Eclipse installation. If the Eclipse installation does not contain a “dropins” directory, create a folder titled “dropins” directly under the “eclipse” directory.

Overview of the Faktor-IPS Features

Faktor-IPSorg.faktorips.featureFaktor-IPS in English
Faktor-IPS Germanorg.faktorips.feature.nl1German language package
Faktor-IPS Sourceorg.faktorips.feature.sourceFaktor-IPS Source code

More features are available under Add-ons. When working with Maven, you should install the Faktor-IPS-m2e-Plugin.


While further developing Faktor-IPS, we try to ensure that Faktor-IPS is compatible with as many versions of Eclipse as possible. The latest available version of Faktor-IPS is always tailored to our customers’ needs.

The following list specifies for which Eclipse versions Faktor-IPS has been tested. Faktor-IPS does not support any versions of Eclipse older than the ones listed. New versions of Eclipse that are not explicitly listed are usually compatible with Faktor-IPS as well.

Faktor-IPS versionEclipse versionJava version
Design timeRuntime
24.12022-12 – 2023-12
(starting from patch 24.1.8 also with Eclipse 2024-03)
23.62022-12 – 2023-06178/11/17
22.122020-03 – 2022-06
(NOT 2022-09 or later)
22.62019-03 – 2022-0611/178/11/17
21.122019-03 – 2021-1211/178/11/17
21.62019-03 – 2021-06118/11
20.124.4 – 2020-1286/8
20.64.4 – 2020-0686/8

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