Core Insurance Systems and Digitalization—How to Speed up Your Time-to-Market

Published in vb Versicherungsbetriebe 1/2016

How quickly a company can innovate and create new products is a central success factor for today’s insurance companies. Those organizations that rethink and pursue product-driven, model-independent management systems will be ahead of the rest in the race to grow and maintain their customer base. PDF download.

make—or buy—or between?

Published in Versicherungs-Betriebswirt 02/2015, the journal of the “Vereinigung der Versicherungs-Betriebswirte e.V.”

At a members’ meeting for industry experts, the BO-IT on 6 March 2015, different insurers presented current projects on implementing new policy management systems. The discussion centered on the question: “make—or buy—or between?” In his presentation of a current project at the SIGNAL IDUNA Group, Udo Röhl spoke about implementing a policy management system for auto based on Faktor-IPS. See VB 2-15 Sonderdruck innoWake

Intelligent Product Development

Published in Versicherungsbetriebe 02/2011

In the 02/2011 issue of the Versicherungsbetriebe journal you can find an article, titled “Intelligente Produktentwicklung” (“Intelligent Product Development”) on the modernization of the IT landscape at ERGO Direkt. The German direct insurer has used Faktor-IPS for developing their central product component since 2006.

Refactoring in Model-Driven Software Development

Published in OBJEKTSpektrum 04/2010

By generating source code from the models, model-driven procedures increase development productivity. Complete modeling and generation of all software aspects is generally neither feasible nor profitable. If it becomes necessary to make any manual changes to the model in the non-generated source code, the potential productivity gains may be lost in part. Starting with version 2.5, Faktor-IPS supports refactoring at model level: all parts of the program—whether generated or created manually—are adapted automatically. The fundamental concepts are described in “Refaktorisierung in der modellgetriebenen Entwicklung” (“Refactoring in Model-Driven Software Development”) in the 04/2010 issue of the OBJEKTSpektrum journal.