Product Variants Version 20.12.0

New in Version 20.12

Matching the release of Faktor-IPS 20.12 the product variant plugin was released in version 20.12.

Filter for displayed variations

For large varied products with many varied components, the list of variations on the right side of the product variant editor can become quite long and confusing. With the filter introduced in 20.12, the displayed variations can be reduced to those of the component selected in the tree view and optionally its children.

Restrict allowed number from context menu

With the new context menu it is simple to restrict the allowed number of a product component with one click. For convenience we added the most used cardinalities: optional [0..1,0], selected [0..1,1] and mandatory [1..1,1] as shortcuts. If a custom cardinality is added the restriction dialog on the right side is opened and selected. These shortcuts also work on multi selections.

Remove a product component from all occurrences

Often a component is used multiple times in a product. Instead of selecting each single one to exclude them from the variant, the new “Do not use (all occurrences)” function excludes all occurrences of one or more selected components.

Vary Attributes in Multiple Selected Components

One or more common attributes can be changed in multiple selected components. The existing variation wizard was extended with a second page to allow the input of variations.