Version 3.22.2

Release Notes – Faktor-IPS – Version 3.22.2


  • ProductCmpt Editor -Opening a referenced product component leads to an Exception (FIPS-4133)
  • Jump to template is not updated (FIPS-6171)
  • Missing mark of a custom value in derived product component (FIPS-6179)
  • Abstract product component type not selectable as type for a template (FIPS-6183)
  • Check of maximum cardinality in templates (FIPS-6184)
  • Images with Template-Overlay must be cached and disposed (FIPS-6186)
  • NPE during Html Export: static validation rules (FIPS-6194)
  • EnumContent in Jar is editable (FIPS-6197)



  • HTML-Product-Report should export templates as well (FIPS-6185)