Version 21.6.0-rc05

New and Noteworthy in Version 21.6 Release Candidate 4


The work directory is now cleaned in a separate “faktorips-clean”-Mojo which is bound to the clean phase.
Further, the configuration of the Mojos in the pom.xml can be shortened. Unlike previously described, the phases do not have to be defined in the pom.xml because the Mojos are bound to their respective lifecycle phases per default.
The two Mojos can therefore be used as follows:


Bugs fixed since RC 3

  • Icon-Overlay for linked components in New-Generation-Wizard not working (FIPS-7713)


  • Sign Runtime-Addons and deploy to Maven Central (FIPS-7532)
  • Remove phase definition from poms and documentation (FIPS-7706)
  • Delete workspace in Maven phase clean (FIPS-7716)