Version 21.6.0-rc02

New and Noteworthy in Version 21.6 Release Candidate 2

Changes from Release Candidate 1

Method Change
org.faktorips.runtime.MessageList#getMessagesByMarker(IPredicate<IMarker>) Removed. The interface IPredicate was replaced with Predicate introduced with Java 8.



The Jars deployed to Maven Central contained buggy POMs and plugin.xml, using a SNAPSHOT version instead of the RC version.
The correct code to invoke the Mojo in your own build should use the phase generate-sources:


Fixed Bugs

  • Numbers over Integer.MAX_VALUE in ValueSets lead to irritating behavior (FIPS-6569)
  • POMs in JARS on Maven Central contain -SNAPSHOT in version (FIPS-7644)
  • Thirdparty-Repo on Drone should only be used in internal builds (FIPS-7646)
  • Set default value of faktorips.repository.version to plugin version (FIPS-7649)
  • Remove JUnit-Dependencies from Mojo (FIPS-7654)
  • Update of .project file fails after migration to 21.6 (FIPS-7657)
  • MessageList#getMessagesByMarker(Predicate) is unusable with lambdas without a cast(FIPS-7658)