Product Variants Version 20.6

New in Version 20.6

Matching the release of Faktor-IPS 20.6 the Product-Variant-Plugin was released in Version 20.6.

Product Components Variable Only Once

All product components can be varied independently inside a product variant. Specifically, the same component can be varied differently in each different usage (for example, an employee discount could be limited to 5% for fire coverage and to 10% for household coverage). If this is not desired for a certain product component type, it can now be marked as variable only once per variant in the model.

When any usage of a product based on a type marked like this is varied in a variant, that variation is applied to all usages. In the dialog for the creation of new variations a message indicates this behavior:
Info about single variation


If the variant components varied multiple times (as possible since 19.12) have children, those children’s runtime ID suffixes where not changed. (IPSPV-471)