Faktor-IPS User Group 2015

More than 40 community members met at the second international User Group in the premises of the ERGO Direkt in Nuremberg. On 1st – 2nd October customers and employees exchanged intensively on the subjects Faktor-IPS, Faktor-IOS and Faktor-IPM.

From the first day the focus was clearly on the customer, who presented the further development of their projects. Of course, the key aim was the role of Faktor-IPS, Faktor-IOS and Faktor-IPM in these projects and the experiences with these tools. The Faktor Zehn AG contributed new innovations and developments of these tools since the last User Group, because Faktor-IPS, Faktor-IOS and Faktor-IPM are constantly developed further. The participants were also given a small insight into the future of Faktor-IPS.

On the second day of the User Group the members of the community worked together in workshops, as last year. The topics of the workshops were developed from the community and considered Faktor-IOS, Faktor-IPS and Faktor-IPM. Challenges were identified in all workshops, measures were derived and the technical and conceptual further development of the tools was pushed ahead.

During the evening event the participants of the User Group explored the historical stone corridors of Nuremberg. After inspecting the labyrinth underneath the city, the participants had a nice dinner in the Hausbrauerei Altstadthof and continued the lively exchange around the project experiences and much more.

We would like to thank all participants for their interest. A special thanks goes to the ERGO Direkt insurance for providing the premises. We are looking forward to the Faktor-IPS User Group 2016 and further exiting topics all around Faktor-IPS.